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* 以下为学员反馈实录,如有语句不准确的地方还请大家包涵。为保护学员的隐私,文中的学员和老师均为化名。

My name is William, a YN R&D engineer from CNCC, which is the acronym of China Commercial Compressor.Firstly, I'd like to say thanks to my company and my manager who approved my application to take part in this English training.


It's an amazing opportunity for me to have this training lesson to improve my English level.  I'd like to say thanks to three young beautiful English teachers. Each of them has a lot of patience, has good temper, and has a good knowledge of English.They always answer my questions patiently at any time, even though some questions may be a little strange. They always point out and correct my mistakes in pronunciation and intonation. They always share with me good English learning skills and techniques.


Through this training, I have improved my English a lot. The biggest improvement for me, I think, is the confidence. Before this training, I was so afraid of opening my mouth to speak English, because my pronunciation and intonation were so bad. I was always worried if the word or the grammar I used was right or not. As a result, I cannot even say some short English sentences. But now, after this training, I become very confident when I speak English, although sometimes the word or grammar is still not correct. Confidence help me get much better than before, and I can express my views or ideas in English now. That's really an amazing change for me.

Another improvement for me, I think, is the right method to learn English. Actually, I had learnt English in schools for more than 10 years, but the past learning methods are not very effective for me. The biggest mistake I have ever made is to pay too much attention to reading and writing, rather than listening and speaking. By this training, I think I have found the best way: the 5-step method. It's the best way I have ever tried to learn English, especially step 2 - intensive listening and step 3 - repeat. Intensive listening and repeat are really very effective for me to improve myself. With this right method, I believe I will improve my English level continually in the future. So just try it, and you'll know how helpful the method is.


In this training, I also made some mistakes and I'd like to share the lesson-learning.Time is first. Without enough time to practice, we cannot expect rapid improvement. I was not doing well at this point.


Be patient. Learning English is a long-term process of accumulation. Do not expect rapid improvement in a very short term. So, just be patient, otherwise we'll get frustrated.


Ask for our teachers'help. If any question, ask for our teachers'help. That's the most effective solution. Do not spend too much time to answer it by yourself. It's a waste of time.


That's all I want to share, thanks for your attention. Hope each of us can succeed to improve English level. I believe each of us can make it.


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