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学员故事(英文):“The story of my learning in IMPACT”

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Carrie is the first English coach after I joined the foreign company. She is always energetic and responsible. Every time in one-on-one class, I can always find my habitual errors and deficiencies in speaking and listening while chatting. It feels like Carrie is more like a humorous friend, not a teacher.

Before joining IMPACT, my English level was very limited, especially listening and speaking, which caused a great difficulty to my work in foreign companies. After continuous learning and continuous correction, I can handle the common exchanges and daily conversations with foreign colleagues and leaders.The better communication makes work more confident.

IMPACT's learning method is very unique, starting from the first stage, the content of the course is from easy to difficult, and interconnected.A large number of targeted exercises cover all aspects of life and work. It make learning less boring with the pictures, animations and videos of foreign teachers dialogue.

My favourite function is repeating and contrasting, and for more important lessons, write down while listening, and then repeat it, some of the content is recited according to the teacher's requirements.In addition, some times I sent Carrie the difficult points of expression in my work, and communicated through WeChat. It was also very effective.

So far, I have been studying for two months. The more I learn, the more I feel that I don’t understand more. I want to make learning English into my life. Learn and live. And the same as everyting that I like.


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