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A:Hello, Max, How are you doing?

B:I’m Ok, how about you?

A:Amazing! I am so happy to attend my company’s training sessions lately.

B:That’s good. Not every company provides employees with training opportunity. It seems that your company wants to further develop their employees and encourage lifelong learning.

A:Yeah! My family told me that I am totally different.

B:Good for you, what happened?

A:We usually participate in English corners during the weekend. You know, before I join this training program,I have no chance to know too much about my leaders and colleagues from other departments. I used to stay at home and throw myself onto the bed to play computer games with some strangers. But now, I learn a lot not only from the program but also from my colleagues.

B:Bravo. We should keep learning daily to maintain our keen mental power expand our intellectual capacity. Constant learning drives us to sharp our power of reasoning, analysis and judgments.

A:Yes, I agree with you on the point but I hope the training be held with more flexible forms, such as we may held family parties to gain normal parent-child relationship as well as my son could make new friends.

B:Yes, you are right. I think it is good to get opportunity to learn more with children gathering. And I will make this suggestion to my boss sometime.





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