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Oh My God!2019最热门的商务英语干货(上)

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职场人的标配 — 商务演讲能力


What sort of image do you want to present?

If you want your audience to accept you, you need to appear:

? confident

? straightforward

? manage your subject well



? Revenue from after-sales service rose steadily over the period while sales remained static.

? Revenue from after-sales service increased slightly in 2004 and then leveled off whereas revenue from sales increased gradually throughout the period.



? My presentation will take around about 10 minutes. If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer them at the end of my talk.

Main section:

? First of all, I’d like to look at …

? I must emphasize that …

? I’d like to turn your attention to …

? You will see that …

? As you can see from the graph …



? A Chart = Information given in the form of a graph, diagram or picture, often intended to show the information more clearly.

Divide the visuals below into these two groups:

? A Graph = A picture which shows how two sets of information or variable amounts are related, usually by lines or curves with an x axis and a y axis or in a block graph.

? A Diagram = A simple plan which is drawn to represent a machine, system or idea, etc. The purpose is often to explain how what is being presented works.




? We shall welcome a chance to renew our friendly relationship.

? We'll do our best to widen/expand our business relationship with you.


? We've come to know your name and address from the Commercial Counselor’s Office of the Chinese Embassy in London.

? Your firm has been introduced (recommended, passed on) to us by Maple Company.



When encouraging the buyer to accept our offer we may hear such expressions as:

? With an eye to future business, we agree to grant you 1% discount, as a special accommodation.

? In order to promote our business connections, we may grant you a special discount of 1%, as a special inducement.

When both parties have agreed on the price we may hear such expressions as:

? I think we can conclude the business/come to terms/place an order.

When the seller is trying to defend his offer we may hear such expressions as:

? There is no room for reducing the price.

? We are sure the goods will sell like hot cakes.



When trying to impress the seller for a not too high price, the buyer may say such expressions as:  

? I have planned to push the sales of your textiles in our market.

? I am going to carry out a sound marketing policy to push your textile goods.

When encouraging the buyer to place an order, the seller may say such expressions as:

? May I know what particular items you are interested in?

? Please have a careful look at the catalogue and see what interests your end-users.

When expressing an intention of buying, the buyer may say such expressions as:

? We have great interest in…

? We are very much keen on …


When asking the other party about its payment terms we may hear such expressions as:

? What is your preferred payment terms?

? What terms of payment do you wish accept?

When showing the reluctance to accept your customer’s payment we may hear such expressions as:

? This is the first and also the last time we grant you such terms.

? In view of our long-term cooperation, we agree to your payment terms.


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