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小耐姐情不自禁show一下不同类型图表的专业词汇。常听到有同事抱怨说“graph / chart / diagram / table...”等词汇让人“傻傻分不清楚”。为了避免出错,有些职场朋友们干脆用“Have a look at this...that...”辅以“手舞足蹈”来展示。基本功不够,机智灵活来凑,心疼你......


 · 演讲中如何讲述图表 · 

How to introduce visuals in a presentation

What sort of visuals do you regularly use in your job?

You don’t need to know all the names of the different types of visuals in order to present them.

You can simply say:

· Have a look at this. [BR English] OR Take a look at this. [AM English]

· As you can see here, ……, and here, ……

But you could also be a little more specific!

· This graph / chart / diagram shows…

 · 图表的不同类型 · 

Charts – Graphs & Diagrams

A Chart = Information given in the form of a graph, diagram or picture, often intended to show the information more clearly.

Divide the visuals below into these two groups:

A Graph = A picture which shows how two sets of information or variable amounts are related, usually by lines or curves with an x axis and a y axis or in a block graph.

A Diagram = A simple plan which is drawn to represent a machine, system or idea, etc. The purpose is often to explain how what is being presented works.

NOTE – Visuals are important in any professional presentation. But when you give a presentation in a foreign language, they are even more important. Visual information is highly memorable and reduces the amount of talking you have to do. Good visuals speak for you.

 · 小耐姐亲身示范 · 

Sample Dialogues

Explaining a graph “秀出曲线”

This graph shows our sales figures for the last twelve months. This vertical axis represents sales in Australian dollars and the figures are from April to March. Each line on the graph shows one of our top brands. You can see from the key which line represents each product. For example, the dotted line shows the sales figures for Odyssey perfume.

Using a pie chart “画个大饼”

The point is illustrated in this pie chart. In Shanghai, 75 per cent of people still use a car to get around; only 20 per cent use the bus and a much smaller 5 per cent use taxis. So, the most popular form of public transport is still the car.

Describing a flow chart “一起Flow”

“The system can be seen in this flow chart. First, the customer places an order with the salesperson and the salesperson then sends the order to dispatch. Next, the dispatch staff get the order ready and package it. Finally, a delivery service picks it up and delivers it to the customer.”

Describing a table “桌上有啥”

· This table shows the extra features that come with the new Cheetah sports car.

· The models are listed here in the top row and the extras are listed on the left.

· As you can see, our up-to-date security system does not come with the Cheetah 1.4L but it does come with the Cheetah 1.6L.

· Also, we have not included the security system as an extra feature for the Cheetah 2.0L because we are offering the satellite navigation system in its place.

· According to our market research, these features should give us a good position in the market place.


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