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Nancy:  This is a graceful place with good atmosphere, pleasant decoration, and high-quality service. Do you come here often?

Aaron:  Yes. There are all kinds of food cooked to different tastes, whether western or eastern.

Nancy:  Seems they've chosen a good place downtown.

Aaron:  Indeed. They've opened many small shops, that's a big business. They abound in money, judging from customers' presence. You know, their speed of money coming in is unbelievable. They meet needs of all the local customers.

Nancy:  Sounds like they've made a big fortune here.

Waiter:  Good afternoon, may I take your orders now ?

Aaron:  Would you like to order first, Nancy?

Nancy:  I know the shop is famous for its lobsters. Maybe we could have a try.

Aaron:  Can we count on your choice of wines, Nancy?

Nancy:  Well, I'm not an expert, but I do like white wine once in a while. I'm not so sure what I should order first here, main dishes or wine?

Aaron:  Make yourself at home. People nowadays seem not to be particular about the rules of ordering dishes.

Nancy:  Thanks. Glad to hear. By the way, I know I'm your guest here in Hong Kong, Aaron, but I'd really like to pay the bill in order to express my thanks.

Aaron:  I'm afraid I have to disappoint you, Nancy. I am the host in the invitation at this restaurant.

Nancy:  You are always thoughtful!

William: Nancy! Welcome, Hi, Aaron. I'm sorry I'm late, I got tied up in a traffic jam.

Nancy:  That's fine. You were not late, we arrived a bit earlier.

William:  How's your trip to the restaurant?

Nancy:  Everything's great. It's very kind of Aaron to give me a lift.

Aaron:  It's my pleasure. I hope you're having a pleasant stay in Hong Kong.

Nancy:  Indeed I am. I'm impressed by your hospitality.

Aaron:  I'd like to offer a toast to our guest of honor, Mrs. Nancy Smith.

William:  And let's propose a toast to our firm partnership and friendship.

Nancy:  I appreciate what you've done to me, and I look forward to many visiting Hong Kong and I believe we will see each other again. Cheers everyone!



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