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< 某传统制造业公司经理 >

Time is flying and waiting for no man. 

The end of the training is coming. Now I am so grateful. Firstly, I would like to thank our company and boss for giving us thus good opportunity to improve our English. Secondly, I would like to thank my teacher Rebecca and other teachers for their careful guidance, concerns, encouraging and supervision. Thirdly, I would like to thank my classmates for setting such good examples for me.

This training course is very practical. At the beginning of the course, clear learning goals were set. Let us understood that English is a skill not a knowledge. We had to do effective practice from 4 dimensions (Time and intensity, What to practice, How and How often) followed five-step learning method (extensive listening, intensive listening, repeat, record & compare and put into practice) and three-step review method (Read after sentence by sentence, repeat and recording in paragraphs, put into self-practice). These methods will benefit us for learning not only English but other skills.

If you want to take full advantage of this training resources including the courseware and teachers you need to invest a lot of time, not only the required 12 hours at least per month courseware learning, but also time for self- practicing, read record clock in, preparing for oral classes etc., to consolidate the learned gains. However, for me, free time is a kind of scarce resource,especially from March to May, I tried to find time or reduced sleep time to catch up with my study progress. I have made some progress, but I regretted that I couldn't learn as much as possible and further improve my pronunciation and intonation that I expected before due to my practice not enough.

Allow me to thank Rebecca again, as a expectant mom she still kept on working very hard. Her patience, professional guidance, encouraging and kindness gave me motivation to continue. Best wishes to Rebecca and her baby.

< 知名机械公司工程师 >

Hello Jane:

Good afternoon, everyone. I'm tank. I'm from the CE department. In the beginning, I'd like to thank our company for organizing this English training. This four-month English training has benefited me a lot. 

Firstly, I got the right way to study English. The five-step learning method of IMPACT is very scientific, Listening, speaking, speaking, listening, listening and checking, which can largely improve my listening and speaking ability. IMPACT English makes plan according to the difference of different individules, which I think is very good. 

Secondly, I formed the habit of practicing English listening and speaking every day before I go to bed. I can understand more and more, also can speak out; 

Thirdly, through the weekly interaction with my English teacher, she corrected my mistakes and encouraged me a lot, I can express myself in English with more confidence; 

Fourthly, I'm improved a lot. I got 1 point in the test before the training, and 2 points in the final test, which is a great encouragement and reward for me. I can feel the progress of long-term practice. 

Of course, even now, I still have problems in communicating with our foreign colleagues freely in English. But I believe one day I can if I keep using this method to practice. Here, I would like to thank my English teacher, Jane, who is very patient and responsible. She corrected the mistakes as soon as she found and Let me repeat  the correct sentence again. Without her help and encouragement, I wouldn't have made such a big progress. 

Finally, thanks for our company leaders and HR colleagues for organizing this training.  I'm looking forward to the next English training. That's all. Thank you.





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