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      The procedure was repeated for three more days.On the fourth day,Lila rolled up her jeans,picked up Gertie,and waded into the lake.Released in the water,Gertie suddenly remembered what to do.Honking softly,she swam in ever widening circles around Lila.And when Lila escaped up the hill to the house,Gertie remained.
      Early the next morning she struggled back up the hill for food,but it wasn't long before she limped back down to the lake.From then on ,she spent most of her time there.Lila moved her feed dis down to the shore,but we beagan to give her encourage her to find her own.
      We waited eagerly to watch gertie try her wings,but the moulting period kept her flightless for another week or two.Finally,one morning,we heard a loud honk almost
outside the kitchen window.Gertie flapped past,rather awkwardly and landed just outside the verandah.
      I turned excitedly the Lila but was surprised to see tears in her eyes."Whhatever's wrong?"I queried.
      She shooke her head."She'll leave us now.I guess I was kind of hoping she couldn't fly,and she'd have to stay with us."
      I hugged her gently."We have to let her use her wings,if she can."
      "I know,It's just..."she couldn't finish."It hurts,I guess,to see her go."


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