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      But,as summer advanced,Gertie gradually healed,and her grieving,if that was what it was,lessened.She limped around the verandah,houlding her head at an angle to adjust her vision to only one eye.After several weeks we removed the cast on her wing,and though it was oboviously crooked,we hoped it would permint her to fly.
      We removed the screen door from the verandah(no more a heaven from mosquitoes) and made a ramp of boards,so she could limp in and out as she wished,but she never attempted to make her way down the hill,and she did not try her wings.
      Gertie began to follow Lila everywhere she went-garden,the barn,the clotheslinee,even once into the car.TO tell the truth,the goose was becoming a real nuisance,though Lila didn't complain.Only when Gertie began to sinitch ripe raspberries and peck holes in the just beginning to ripen tomatoes did Lila ask me to fence off the garden with some chicken wire.
      "I think you should take Gertie down to the lake."I suggested on evening soon after that.
      Lila hesitated.I'm sure she'd been thinking the same thing,but she was reluctant to try it."I don't know.Not yet."
      But a couple of days later,one late aftermoon,she carried the goose down the hill and released her at the edge of the water.Gertie settled down on the bank,fluffed out her wings,but did nothing.LIla hurried back up the hill,but before long a scrabbling in the verandah indicated Gertie had followed her back.


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